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The website has to earn on itself!


The Internet became part of our life.  Everyone wants to make money, but not everyone is able to use an Internet resource correctly.


We, simply, have created the selling website. It directly communicates with your visitors and considers their wishes.


The website has to be simple. Jimdo thanks!


Own website

online store, a hosting and the domain

(also -.DE - .EU -.COM)

Fine offers for our clients: you receive a discount to 50%

If you order a Jimdo package for 2 years, then you in addition receive a discount for 10%. Thereby you receive a package for 2 years, and you pay actually only 1 year of use.


Compliance of the website to the German laws gives the chance to avoid penalties and to sell your goods in Germany. Expand the sales market and increase your income several times, having spent national currency, you earn euro! Also you receive the desired domain, e-mail and detailed statistics of your website.


The additional SEO function will help you to remove the website in top-10 (in "JimdoFree" is absent). It is a personal support for each user.


Make a choice

1. Be registered on Jimdo

 (specify any subdomain)


2. Solve to what version you will update: By "Jimdo Pro" or "Jimdo Business", having specified at the same time the desirable domain and your personal promo code.


3. In process order a promo code

Order of a promo code

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Your Jimdo-website in English

At JimdoPro set of advantages. For example:

1. Domain and Email

Each professional website has own domain and a suitable Email address. The domain and Email is your business card, your unique signature on the Internet.


2. Anything superfluous

Any advertizing, any Jimdo logos any of the distracting trifles: your JimdoPro-website is free from advertizing, for 100% belongs to you and looks stylishly and professionally!


3. Statistics

Control success: From where visitors come to your website? All this and many other things in the statistics which is built in on the JimdoPro-website.

Test JimdoPro of 7 days free of charge. After 7 days your website will pass into the JimdoFree version.


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